• - News: PalletBiz publishes updated product brochures

    PalletBiz presents newly updated info sheets for 2019/20!

    The first brochure (purple) covers our company and industry, as well as some of our currently available wooden pallet and packaging products, while also featuring related services, such as packaging consulting or pooling. The second brochure (grey) introduces some of our currently available metal packaging products, while also demonstrating the manifold advantages of this type of packaging. Click here to read more about the respective info sheets, or click on the below pictures to view and download the full brochures!

    is     metal

  • - News: PalletBiz introduces new metal products

    PalletBiz has introduced a new product to its portfolio of standard metal packaging. The steel pallets combine some of the best attributes of traditional wooden pallets and steel packaging, and are as a result one of the most resistant and enduring products currently offered by PalletBiz.

    steel pallet

    The dimensions of a steel pallet are 1200 x 800 x 150 mm, and its loading capacity is 2000 kg. These special metal pallets are equipped with a bottom steel plate of 1,5 mm and three bent skids of 100 x 2 mm for increased resilience.

    Interested? Reach out to us at!

  • - News: PalletBiz KSA attains ISO certifications

    The PalletBiz franchisee in Saudi Arabia maintains a strong position as 2019 progresses. The latest achievement of the company was to attain the ISO 9001:2015 certification as part of the annual external surveillance audit. In addition to renewing the quality management system certificate, the franchisee was also certified ISO 14001:2015, which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

    Click here to view the certifications, along with the list of the other ISO-certified PalletBiz franchisees.

  • - News: PalletBiz expands its franchise network to Bahrain

    After recent discussions between the parties, Season International Trading & Industries Co. (SITCO) has decided to join the PalletBiz franchise network.

    The agreement entails local production in the Kingdom of Bahrain as one of the only manufacturers of Wooden Packaging in the Kingdom. SITCO already has 15+ years of Packaging experience, serving the industry with everything from strapping, PVC folio and other commodities. Managing Director of SITCO, Mr. Mohammed Al A’ Ali states:

    “For the past years, we have looked at wooden packaging as a great supplementary product to the existing SITCO product portfolio. Joining PalletBiz will allow us to serve our existing as well new clients with a one-call-for-all, which is a shared vision for both SITCO and PalletBiz”.



    Mr. Mohammed Al A’ Ali with Mr. Thomas Gents, COO of PalletBiz.


    The new company, named PalletBiz W.L.L, has already commenced operations and will be able to offer a range of standardized as well as specialized packaging products.

    PalletBiz CEO, Mr. Jens J. Gents, expresses his satisfaction with the new acceding franchise partner and comments:

    “Bahrain is a neighboring country to Saudi Arabia; which means increased regional synergies – both from a sourcing & sales point of view. Everyone from SITCO has showed a very high level of professionalism and dedication to the project in the past period, and we will be actively supporting the good progress in Bahrain”.

    For inquiries to PalletBiz in Bahrain, please send an e-mail to Sales: or General:

  • - News: Structural website development for improved and more secure user experience

    The PalletBiz websites have undergone structural changes, with the overarching aim of establishing a platform that is more secure while emphasizing improved usability. The development is expected to be completed by the end of May and as mentioned includes a general cyber security upgrade leading the visitors on safe grounds when browsing the various group websites.

    If you would like to learn more about our online presence, or our values regarding the continuous development of a secure online environment for our visitors, reach out to us at

  • - News: PalletBiz Romania prepares for increased orders and production

    PalletBiz Romania has finalized preparations around the local factory premises in Q1, in order to further facilitate the increasing growth.

    Among other updates from the SEE franchise, PalletBiz Romania has upgraded the design of one of their PalletBiz trucks, as well ensured upgrades of their sawmill equipment. The last point in particular, is connected with the increased focus on PPE and general work safety at the franchisee.

    If you are looking for a professional and sustainable solution in SEE, please reach out to our local representatives at!

  • - News: PalletBiz KSA closes a successful Q1 in 2019

    The PalletBiz franchisee in Saudi Arabia has closed a rather fruitful first quarter in 2019.

    PalletBiz KSA has signed a contract with an industry leader in diversified chemicals to supply a significant volume. Moreover, the franchisee has activated a business relationship with a Global FMCG specializing in the production of carbonated soft drinks.

    PalletBiz KSA received visitors from the Global Sourcing & Sales (GSS) department, in order to plan for similarly successful quarters ahead in 2019 – as well as to cater for the increasing synergies between the GCC countries.

    Are you in need of wooden pallets and packaging within GCC? Contact our local sales representatives at (for Saudi Arabia) or (for Bahrain) and get an offer now!

  • - News: Markets of interest - Strategic business opportunities

    Americas is on the radar for 2020!

    During the recent years, the franchising entity of PalletBiz has received increased interest from the North American markets, primarily the US.

    The 2020 vision of PalletBiz has till recently been to establish its footprint as an EMEA provider, which has been fulfilled. The focus will continue unchanged as it is not only about a footprint, but about cementing its position by clustering as also explained recently by company COO, Mr. Gents:

    “Our plan for the upcoming years is to solidify our existing footprint by clustering, to achieve synergies”
    Source: Business Focus Magazine, Jan.19

    Despite the above statement given recently – everything is about timing. So, the international board has decided to include North America in the strategic plans for the coming years. In practice this will mean that PalletBiz will actively consider new franchise applications from the North American continent and combine this with a more active pursuit of opportunities with major international key accounts, who has similarly showed interest in PalletBiz being able to serve them across the Atlantic.

    For more information or inquiries about franchising or North America in general, please contact or visit our Franchising page.


    Cembrit, a major manufacturer of construction materials, asked for consulting advice from PalletBiz related to its fleet of pallets, crates, and other wood packaging components.

    “PalletBiz is working professionally and has extensive knowledge within the Wood Packaging area. Our cooperation with PalletBiz has resulted in an optimization of Cembrit’s Wood Packaging solutions”, says Karsten de Rosche Beierholm, Group Director at the Sourcing Department of Cembrit.

  • - News: PalletBiz Article in Business Focus Magazine

    As reported earlier, PalletBiz has been selected as an outstanding business profile to feature in the January edition of Business Focus Magazine, and as promised, we are now bringing you the monthly issue in full!

    To see the entire January edition of the magazine, please click on the picture below! Mentions of PalletBiz are found on page 3 (Editor’s Note) and 144-148 (Article on PalletBiz). PalletBiz is also featuring in a tailor-made advertisment on page 149, focusing on our 20-year experience in consulting within the Packaging & Handling industry.



    To read and share the PalletBiz feature exclusively, please click on the picture below!



    As stated in the article as well, PalletBiz is currently entering the 20th anniversary of the foundation, and as Mr. Thomas Gents, COO of PalletBiz phrased, “we’ve got a whole lot of things happening in the coming year” – so stay tuned, and enjoy reading the feature! 🙂

  • - PalletBiz features in Business Focus Magazine

    We are delighted to share that PalletBiz has been chosen to feature in the January edition of Business Focus Magazine – a global publication focusing on selected business sectors, while zooming in on a few of the profiles behind the stories. The magazine, which publishes monthly, represents a global outlook and thus, it is a great honor to have been selected to tell our story as part of the manufacturing sector.


    Mr. Thomas Gents, COO of PalletBiz features in the article as the interviewee and he takes the reader behind the scenes of the company: the story covers where it all began, where we stand now within the Packaging & Handling sector, as well as how we see ourselves growing and developing in the forthcoming period. The article grasps our core values through promoting our fundamental professional attitude towards our business, our employees and our partners – after all, the PalletBiz Network makes us who we are.


    The magazine is available in both hard and soft copies, however, for now we bring you the finalized cover, as well as editorial brief, whereas the article will follow shortly.

  • - PalletBiz Romania: 2018 in retrospect

    PalletBiz Romania has had a great 2018 and expects to report an all-time record sales.

    “2018 has been an exciting, but at the same time a rather tough year. There is still a big uncertainty within the forest sector that leaves our supply chain with sometimes impossible challenges. Luckily, we have managed to foresee many of the problems and have been able to accustom our sourcing to the on-going macro factors in Romania”, informs Mr. Bogdan Manole, CTO of PalletBiz.

    Mr. Manole furthermore says that “… in 2019 we expect to continue our growth, however with more stable circumstances and in cooperation with our clients and suppliers, to hopefully move the packaging and wood industry in the right direction.”

  • - PalletBiz KSA achieves outstanding sales order in Q4

    PalletBiz KSA has for the past years positioned itself and prepared for scaling up its business. It is therefore also a big pleasure that Saudi has achieved its biggest single order to date of approx. 1.75 million euros.

    “PalletBiz in KSA has been through an exciting journey, but without losing focus on constant development, which ultimately leads us to cater for the biggest industrial companies in GCC (read: Gulf Cooperation Council)”, says PalletBiz KSA Factory Manager, Mr. Nooriddin Shamali.

    We look forward to welcoming other new clients in the new year to come – if you would like to know more about our team and operations in KSA, feel free to reach out to our colleagues at!

  • - Montage services intensified at PalletBiz Denmark

    Container packing, lashing and montage services have been requested and inquired about quite frequently in the past months at PalletBiz Denmark. The franchisee’s activities related to these services have therefore intensified, resulting PalletBiz in acquiring a new line of clientele, as well as strengthening an addtitional branch of our portfolio.



    Choosing PalletBiz to care for your Packaging & Handling needs will bring stability to your business, as we always make sure that what you receive is true QUALITY – may that concern either our products or services. If you wish to learn more about our Handling Services, kindly click here; or reach out to our representatives at


  • - News: New PalletBiz info sheet for 2018/19

    PalletBiz proudly presents our Info Sheet with a fresh and brand new design, actualized for 2018/19!

    The brochure covers several aspects of our company and industry in general. Firstly, our readers can gain further insight to the history and present activities of PalletBiz, along with how we see our business develop and grow in the coming years within the Packaging & Handling sector. Secondly, we introduce our currently available pallet & wooden packaging product line through commercial and technical specifications, in order for You to easily find the product(s) best suitable for Your packaging needs. Thirdly, we guide You through our services related to Packaging & Handling: our Pallet Life-Cycle Services can help you find the most eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging options, while our Consulting team is ready to work with You on any Packaging & Handling-related question or issue, offering only the most optimal solutions. Finally, You will be provided with all current PalletBiz locations, so that You can easily find and contact our representatives closest to Your business.

    You can view and download the Info Sheet by clicking on the link below:

    Info Sheet, 2018/19

  • - News: PalletBiz Denmark gets ISO 9001:2015-certified

    As of 16. July 2018, PalletBiz Denmark is officially certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    We are committed to continuously developing and improving our business, and the ISO 9001 standard simultaneously paves the correct way for us and proves that our network is up-to-code when it comes to quality products and services. We strive to meet customer expectations in every respect, thereby establishing confidence in our professional and market capabilities. PalletBiz wishes that all our customers experience having their visions and needs heard, as well as having a collaboration that is uncomplicated and professional with our company.

    Our quality policy – framed by ISO 9001 – forms the basis for quality goals, and is followed up by management evaluation meetings.

    NB: The full list of all the ISO-certified entities within our network can be found here

  • - News: FAQ: EPAL (EUR 1) pallets

    One of the most widely known and used wooden packaging types – used both in warehouses and for transport – is the standard Euro Pallet (EUR 1 – 1200 x 800 mm).

    ISPM 15 of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is a standard for all EPAL pallets produced by PalletBiz, and is mandatory for Euro Pallets in general. The standard allows our pallets to be used in international traffic without any restrictions.

    The EPAL pallets are interchangeable and part of our “open pool”, therefore with the right handling they can be re-cycled several times.

    Following this article we will answer some of the most important questions about Euro Pallets, as well as explain all crucial details about the product that you may want to know before signing up for a purchase of your own stock.


    1. Why is the product called “Euro Pallet”? 

    In 1961 a number of European railway companies – organized within the International Union of Railways (UIC) – signed a contract for an exchangeable pallet called “Euro Pallet”. The signatory railways then became compelled to meet the standards regarding the manufacture and repair of “European pallets” and “Euro box pallets”. In the mid ’70s the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Railways) transferred its rights to the current EPAL European Brands DB, RAL-RG 993, EUR and EPAL; and the marks were thus protected by the registered trademark. Today, this type of pallet is manufactured under different brand names in standard sizes according to EN 13698-1, and is usually offered on the market in the form of 800 mm × 1200 mm pallets, called the “Euro Pallet” by the consumer. Starting 1. August 2013, the EPAL logo inscription in the oval must appear on all edge blocks, so that it is clear that the unit is an EPAL pallet. The “EUR” labeling is no longer required.


    2. In what dimensions is the Euro Pallet (EUR 1) produced?

    The standard size for EUR 1 EPAL pallets is 1200 x 800 x 144 mm.


    3. Are the Euro Pallets heat-treated and dried (KD)? 

    Yes, for Euro Pallets it is mandatory to be treated thermally, and their humidity must not be higher than 22%.


    4. Is there a global/general standard for EPAL pallets?

    The pallets are manufactured in accordance with strict quality regulations (UIC standard 435-2), and are periodically inspected by an independent firm. All pallets that meet the EPAL criteria are authenticated. The absence of the check and approval stamp indicates a fake pallet, which can damage the goods transported/handled by it. Transporting on an unauthenticated pallet can lead to refusal of the goods by the customers, or even to serious penalties forced by the authorities.


    5. Do EPAL pallets meet the standards of all countries?

    EPAL pallets comply with standards in most countries through the IPPC treatment.


    6. Are Euro Pallets chemically treated? 

    No, these pallets are not chemically treated. There are generally two treatment methods: thermal treatment (HT) or methyl bromide fumigation. However, there are countries, e.g. Germany that do not allow fumigation treatment.

    In PalletBiz, pallets are only heat treated. The hot air circulates around the pallets until a certain core temperature is reached and enough water is removed from the wood. Therefore, pallets do not contain chemicals or allergens at the end.


    7. What does the stamp on the central pallet block mean? Can I check where a pallet was produced?

    Please examine the following graphics:



    8. What types of  blocks can be used for the production of Euro Pallets?

    EPAL accepts both blocks of wood and blocks of pressed sawdust.


    9. How much does a Euro Pallet weigh, and what loading capacity does an EPAL pallet have?

    A Euro Pallet weighs around 25 kg, and can support up to 2500 kg if loaded correctly and evenly.


    10. How many pallets can fit into a 20t truck? 

    700 pallets can be loaded into a 20t truck (“Jumbo” trailer).


    We hope that the information above will be of help to you, but if you still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

  • - News: Additional forklifts at PalletBiz Denmark

    PalletBiz Denmark added two new forklifts to its vehicle park, providing a faster and more efficient way to handle the packaging products at the factory premise. The forklifts are proven to be a great help when it comes to carrying the heavy wooden boxes from one place to another, or loading the final products into our trucks.



    One of the forklifts is able to carry 2 t of material, while the other’s lifting capacity is 4 t. These machines are an indispensible piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing, therefore they will surely add great value to our production in Horne, DK.

  • - News: Special transport units produced at PalletBiz Denmark

    As part of our Custom Wooden Packaging product-line, PalletBiz Denmark has created special cradles for one of our customers, based on the specifications and attributes given by the client.

    The unique cradles were designed and produced specifically for this project: even though such a unit is not part of our regular wooden products, PalletBiz Denmark has successfully customized the box to suit all needs of our client.



    Thanks to the cradle, our customer was able to efficiently transport 200 pieces of metal tubes. PalletBiz Denmark needed to find such a packaging solution where the tubes did not touch – as shown on the picture, we were able to come up with the perfect design, which also saved quite a big sum of money for our client due to the reduced transport costs.




    If you would also like to reduce packaging and transport costs through the most fitting solution, please feel free to contact us at!

  • - News: Newly installed machines at PalletBiz RSA production

    PalletBiz RSA has acquired several machineries for the production site, in order to ensure an effective and productive operational kick-off in the new region.


    Surfacer machine


    The Franchise has invested in a spindle machine, a surfacer machine (thicknesser) and a cross cutting machine. The first line of purchase also included a forklift. The newly installed machines will surely add a great value to the factory premise, and they promise to lead PalletBiz RSA towards a productive and efficient way of operation.


  • - News: Job opportunity at PalletBiz Hungary

    A new colleague is wanted at our Hungarian operations: we are looking for a Business Developer with some prior experience in sales, marketing and business development. A background in management is also a must.

    Read more about the job opportunity here, and apply today if your background fits the description! We look forward to receiving your application!

  • - News: Pallet types - General information

    Pallets are one of the best-known packaging solutions nowadays, and are mostly used for storage, handling and transport (freight, rail, road or water). They can be made of either wood (the most common approach), metal or plastic – each tpye comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Pallets may differ in sizes, depending on the merchandise placed on them, or on its dedicated purpose. The most common dimensions of a standard pallet are 1200 × 800 or 1200 × 1000 or 800 × 600 (mm).

    Wooden pallets – sizes and wood types

    1. Standard: Euro Pallets – EPAL licensed pallets

    Euro Pallets (EPAL or EUR pallets) are the most popular and best-known pallet types. They can be produced in different sizes (most common: 1200 x 800 x 144 mm), and they are made of softwood (pine, spruce, poplar). Their side panels are marked with the EPAL logo, and the central block is stamped with the manufacturer’s identification data (verification key). The below picture explains all elements, characteristics and official marks of an EPAL pallet.




    2. Non-standard: Non-Euro Pallets

    Non-standardized pallets can differ in sizes, depending on load specifications. They can be made of softwood (pine, spruce, poplar etc.), and also hardwood (eg. beech). The most common dimensions for pallets are 1200 × 800 (mm).

    The atypical (non-standard) pallets can have either four open sides; two closed and two open sides; or four closed sides – the latter option offers the possibility of handling the pallet over the edges.

    Do you have any questions about pallets and their practical use? Contact us at!

  • - News: New colleague at PalletBiz Poland wanted!

    PalletBiz Poland is searching for an additional member to their team: a Supply Chain Coordinator with some prior experience in logistics & administration is wanted for our operations in Central Europe.

    Read more about the position here, and apply today if you believe that you are the person we are searching for!


  • - News: EPAL introduces quality chemical pallets (CP-Pallets)

    EPAL (European Pallet Association) – „the largest quality assurance association for wooden load carriers in the world”, and one of the license providers for PalletBiz – has announced the introduction of quality-assured chemical pallets (also known as CP-Pallets) to the packaging industry.

    „EPAL is applying its recognized and proven system of standardization and independent quality assurance to the popular chemical pallets and in doing so, closes a gap in the chemical industry’s logistics chain.”

    EPAL explains this decision as an essential strategic step, since there has been a demand for safe chemical pallets in the industry for several years. From 1/1/2018 the company will be able to satisfy these demands by starting to distribute such pallets as well, besides the standard product line.

    According to EPAL, the launch will affect each country in which EPAL-licensed pallets are produced and repaired. As for the PalletBiz network, PalletBiz Romania is a licensed producer of chemical pallets and has been involved with trading such packaging material, therefore it will be interesting to see how our collaboration with EPAL will develop with regards to chemical pallets across the PalletBiz Regions.

    Read the full article from EPAL here.

  • - News: PalletBiz welcomes new franchisee

    A new franchisee in Johannesburg, South Africa has joined the PalletBiz network. This very exciting expansion opens the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region to PalletBiz, moreover, it promises numerous new and thrilling business cases and opportunities for the entire network.



    A part of the RSA team with Mr. Bogdan Manole (CTO Romania) and Mr. Thomas Gents (COO)


    The preparations for the operational kick-off have been in the works for months, and PalletBiz South Africa has officially opened its doors on 1st October.

    PalletBiz South Africa will be responsible for the development of the Franchise Network within the SADC region; furthermore, we hope to achieve a broader expansion in other territories and countries of the African continent as well.

    The local production will focus on the pallet and wooden packaging products – including repair & recycling services – in the beginning, which will be supported by the sales and sourcing office responsibles.




    Ms Nozipho Mbanjwa – the managing director of PalletBiz RSA – is proud to present the new franchisee to the business world: “We look forward to learning as much as possible from our colleagues in the PalletBiz network. The Packaging & Handling industry has progressed to a very professional level in Europe, and we look forward to applying the techniques in RSA. The benefit for our clients would definitely be enhanced QUALITY. “

Not all PalletBiz entities hold all certifications. For an overview of which certification each company holds, please click here
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