PalletBiz signed A New Franchise Agreement with Al Waad Company

As part of the expansion plan and following the strategic directions of the management to solidify the tertiary packaging market share of the Network in the GCC region: PalletBiz has signed an agreement with Al Waad company to establish a new franchise in Qatar as the newest addition to the GCC franchise region. “Al Waad” has a smaller size operation of 10-15 workforce in total, focusing on pressed blocks production. The company with its existing product portfolio is expected to support the Network in the ME-GCC region and potentially beyond, while also fitting the overall Corporate Strategy, including the sustainability agenda. 

Thanks to the partnership Al Waad will enlarge its production capacities in Qatar and diversify its current product mix by adding new products & services while investing in new types of machinery as well. In line with our Corporate Sustainability Strategy, we consider “Al Waad” shares the same vision with us when it comes to sustainability as well as possessing common values that facilitate the possibility of working together in order to achieve common objectives. They reproduce wood waste and recycle it into new products (pressed blocks) as an initiative to save the waste and protect the environment.  


The whole Network is thrilled to start this collaboration, as we are zooming in on the GCC region this year to help bring the best out of our franchise units, by using the network power which eventually provides the ultimate benefit for each and every Franchise Partner.

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