A consultative approach to Packaging & Handling

Let our experts guide you in analysing what portolio of packaging and handling is optimal for your company

Deep functional expertise

Clients of PalletBiz always benefit from day-today consultation and advice as part of our account management relationship.

Our network of packaging professionals represents vast knowledge on the design, procurement and manufacturing of pallets and other handling materials. Moreover, we also have a division of our group with some of the most knowledgeable people in physical handling and supply chain system optimization in Europe.

We specialize in providing expert advice both to large corporations and to SME’s on how to optimize the flow of goods throughout their Supply Chain.


PalletBiz is working professionally and has extensive knowledge within the Wood Packaging area. Our cooperation with PalletBiz has resulted in an optimization of Cembrit’s Wood Packaging solutions.

– Karsten de Rosche Bierholm
(Group Director, Sourcing – Cembrit)


Fleet Analysis

Even though many companies with a multi-country footprint conduct RFI/RFP/RFQ tenders – they often end up with very little commonality or benefits because suppliers are unable to derive the necessary multi country synergies – leading to the portfolio becoming too expensive overall.

Question to answer: Do you get value for money?

PalletBiz has more than 20 years of experience in the analysis and optimization of global product flows, and knows of the substantial benefits that can be identified in a fleet analysis.

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Portfolio Optimization

PalletBiz provides potential and existing clients with consulting services related to optimizing pallet and handling material spend in line with client CSR values and PalletBiz Green Growth Principles.

Question to answer: Do you have the right handling material for the job at hand?

While the engagement is always uniquely scoped to our clients’ situation, typical portfolio optimization deliverables fall within the following areas:

  1. Proposals for re-design of certain packaging and handling products – and calculation of potential savings
  2. Proposal for replacement of certain packaging and handling products – and calculation of potential savings
  3. Proposal for optimal pricing for all packaging and handling products – multi sites/multi countries
  4. Proposal for optimal logistics services related to your procurement of pallets and handling materials

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Supply Chain Optimization

Question to answer: Do you have an optimized flow within your global footprint?

Return logistics design & Life-Cycle Management

PalletBiz collection teams (specially trained personnel) – are responsible for sorting and collecting pre-agreed licensed or other recyclable Pallets at customer & distribution locations. While in some specific situations, return and buy-back is not possible or suitable, the benefits clearly outweigh the costs:

Costs Benefits
  • Transport cost to/from Depots/Repair Centers
  • Repair cost
  • Labour cost
  • Considering as standard, that a special pallet or PalletBiz recyclable pallet can be used min. 4-5 cycle times – and with some repair many more times. For every cycle we will be able to save money for the clients.

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