An ISO-certified and analytical way to optimize on your packaging spend

How do we remain a relevant and modern player within the highly competitive industry of packaging? By continuously sourcing and investing in various add-ons to our operation that keeps PalletBiz ahead of the game while enabling us to provide top products and services to our clients as part of our “one-call-for-all” business model.

PalletBiz therefore brings you a CAD and Computing software (P-Design), which enables each of our franchise partners to offer this great service – which ultimately leads our customer to never pay too much nor too little that suddenly compromises on safety. We can offer this service according to EN-1995 & ISO 8611, which provides a better and more safe approach to Packaging than otherwise for those buying and handling the pallets.

P-Design is a unique tool that has quickly integrated into our daily operations, with sales responsibles, production managers, as well as higher ranking managers using the software for multiple purposes i.e. Packaging Consulting. The feedback received from customers and clients upon providing customized product and optimization reports and drawings has been positive as well, as they claim that this is a rather nice touch and addition within our portfolio that distinguishes us from our competitors.

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