On site pallet handling and repair one year anniversary at PalletBiz

Palletbiz RSA is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the onsite pallet handling and repair contract on the Marley Roofing plant. The milestone was achieved through a collaborative and consultative approach to managing the handling and repair operations on behalf of Marley over the last year. Consistent client engagement and monthly assessment of deliverables have ensured that all the clients’ targets were met, and the quality of the pallet pool was enhanced.



In addition to pallet supply, Palletbiz offers comprehensive onsite pallet handling and repair services, providing tailor-made solutions that lower overall pallet pool costs and keep warehouse operations running efficiently:

Palletbiz RSA achieved all the following in the last year

  • Better quality pallets to the client.
  • Improved pallet pool for client
  • Cost-savings on pallet operations
  • Increase in stock availability
  • Effective Asset management
  • improved Safety and Health compliance


Palletbiz RSA would like to thank Marley Roofing for its support and continued business. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with them for many years to come.

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