Pallet as a service through consultancy

“Pallet as a service” concept is gaining popularity with the increasing shipping requirements and complexity of supply chain solutions. PalletBiz focuses on Consulting services in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for optimized pallets and handling materials for international organizations.

The standard procurement of pallets falls short, especially in the current challenging supply and demand environment, where costs and availability are unfavourable. There has evolved the need to manage pallets throughout their supply chain life. Leasing, pool programs, buy back schemes and recycling are all practices that can be categorized into the “Pallet as a service” concept. Going one step further however, means that companies can actually outsource some or all of their pallet and material handling operations or consult external experts for improvements on the entire supply chain.

An integral step in developing the most suitable handling material management system is an audit of the clients’ operations and current set up. PalletBiz is aware that supply chains have evolved into complex networks and having the right handling material products and processes has become impactful to the bottom line. We investigate and analyse key areas of customers’ packaging & handling business operations at a “no-cure-no-pay” basis.

We further look into:

  • The Handling Materials set up, by evaluating the suitability and potential optimization possibilities
  • The Materials Handling processes and equipment to identify improvement potential
  • The Industry and type of goods transported, because they play a big role in the transportation

Finding the right solution is often not an easy task given the size and structure of international organizations. This is why PalletBiz follows a step by step Consultancy process, which allows us to identify the different factors that influence suboptimal supply chain solutions.

In our observations, most companies spend on average 3% of their turnover on tertiary packaging & handling materials. PalletBiz can reduce these costs by a minimum of 4%, optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership through our Consulting Services.

You can read more about our Consulting Services HERE or CONTACT US for more specific information and advice.

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