PalletBiz franchise expansion: Broadening the footprint to UAE

We are glad to announce that PalletBiz, a pioneer franchise network of tertiary packaging manufacturers, is set to expand its presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), emerging as the central hub for strategic development in the GCC region.
PalletBiz envisions the UAE operations being a flagship company, thereby we establish an equity partnership with Union Wood Works that will show our commitment and belief in the business case.

With a vision to open multiple production sites in the UAE, PalletBiz aims to offer a complete range of wooden tertiary packaging and handling products. This includes wooden pallets (both used and new), boxes, crates, dunnage, pallet collars, and other wooden packaging solutions. One area where we will have a strong focus is the used wooden pallets market. By leveraging the synergies with Union Wood Works, we will integrate recycled processes and compressed blocks to develop an end-to-end sustainable solution, aligning with the principles of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The expansion into the UAE is not just a singular venture but is strategically connected to PalletBiz’s vision of broadening a region-wide footprint in the GCC. This move is aimed at positioning PalletBiz uniquely within the packaging and handling materials sector, creating opportunities for both regional and international key customers. PalletBiz’s strategic initiatives include offerings such as pallet exchangeability, repair or buy-back options, as well as pallet pooling or rental solutions. Key industrial segments, particularly Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Retail, are targeted to benefit from these initiatives.

For more information about PalletBiz’s expansion in the UAE and its range of packaging solutions, please visit PalletBiz UAE.

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