PalletBiz KSA: a real success story

Within our Franchise Network, everybody had known about the eminence of PalletBiz KSA when it comes to do the right thing and doing it correctly. Following the rules, and being compliant and productive at the same time: these values in today’s business environment can be considered fundamental practices for success. Considering the achievements of the KSA team, the recent visit of our regional management to Saudi Arabia was also a sign of acknowledging the excellence towards our Franchisees.

PalletBiz KSA has recently managed to renew its Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 and Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015 certifications. These reaffirmations prove further the compliance and competence of PalletBiz KSA. In addition, our Partner has succeeded to obtain another industrial license, namely the Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) system. This certificate is similar to the  Quality Management (ISO) certificate since this also measures the overall quality of the production. The GMP takes into consideration the state of premises, the materials, equipment, and personal hygiene of the staff. The below photo demonstrates properly how the production workers protect their ears during the shift. These kinds of measurements are not always usual in our industry. Since many workers do not take seriously their and others’ protection. Fortunately, PB KSA is a role model in this respect as well.

PalletBiz Saudi Arabia


The certification of GMP could be successful because of the followings. On the one hand, there is precise documentation for every procedure (such as the Hand Washing Technique). On the other hand these rules are implemented properly into practice and followed by everyone. The local team in Saudi Arabia has been building up its practices since 2016. “PalletBiz KSA is keen on meeting the requirements of customers and the biggest companies that are looking for supporting documents and certificates in order to register us as suppliers, such as ISO and other certificates” – commented Mr. Nooriddin Al-Shamali, Country Manager of PalletBiz KSA when we asked him about the secrets of his team.


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