Pallets role in supply chain

Pallets are a crucial part of a warehouse and supply chain, and we would like to elaborate on how they can contribute even to things like safe working environment or loading times.

Appearances lie

Constructed in a simple, yet very smart way, they have layered pieces of wood, plastic or metal and can carry anything, as heavy as several tons, that needs shipping in bulk. Most commonly used are wooden pallets, which are also easiest to recycle, followed closely by their plastic counterparts.

Role of the pallet

Why are they so critical for supply chain?

  • They enable the delivery of high-quality products
    Moving individual pieces is often risky due to the exposure, which can damage the goods severely. Pallets help to prevent damages by protecting the cargo and providing the ability to ship goods in bulks.
  • They reduce time for loading and unloading
    Pallets can save a great deal of time by allowing the possibility to load and unload goods in bulk, which would not have been possible had boxes or packages been tossed around individually.
  • They allow for safe working conditions
    When properly loaded, a pallet is much safer than any individually stacked products, which are loose and can easily fall or tumble and cause injuries. On the other hand, keep in mind that a poorly loaded pallet can pose just as big hazard, so training your crew on loading is crucial to a safe working environment.
  • They can reduce costs and improve logistics
    Optimal pallets and handling materials have a direct positive impact on your Total Cost of Ownership. Optimization of pallets include using the right form, fit and function by altering your pallet design and capacity according to your needs. Moreover, sustainability in using pallets play a big role in cost savings and logistics, with schemes like: return logistics, buyback, recycling, among others.

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