Pooling services

Substantial benefits can be achieved from pooling and recycling. Contact us to hear how you can save on your pallets and packaging spend!
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Many companies are not aware of the potential cost-savings involved in recycling pallets and packaging within a company, a group, or throughout the supply chain. PalletBiz has more than 15 years of experience in pallet pooling, and is constantly in search of innovative and responsible ways of providing such sustainable solutions.

The chart in the banner resembles a standard recycling process provided through a framework agreement, which leaves our clients with a great and greener optimization possibility.

Both standard, as well as specialized pallets & packaging can be recycled in either a closed or an open pool. The most common types have been listed to the right – so why not contact us to check the pooling possibilities for your company? Let us set up the right logistics and lower your pallet unit cost significantly!

Pallet repair

We possess the EPAL repair license which enables PalletBiz to offer certified repair of EUR-pallets and other types of pallets.

Our repair service can be combined with other of our services, such as:

1. Sorting of pallets at the client’s site,

2. Exchange -, or re-purchase of used and damaged pallets and

3. Delivery of new or re-conditioned ones.

Pallet buyback

We buy used pallets that you no longer need. We can also deliver pallets to you and buy them back from your clients – even in another country.

We can also help you if you have the opposite challenge, where you would like to buy used pallets for your export or distribution needs instead of new ones.