Special transport units produced at PalletBiz Denmark

As part of our Custom Wooden Packaging product-line, PalletBiz Denmark has created special cradles for one of our customers, based on the specifications and attributes given by the client.

The unique cradles were designed and produced specifically for this project: even though such a unit is not part of our regular wooden products, PalletBiz Denmark has successfully customized the box to suit all needs of our client.


Thanks to the cradle, our customer was able to efficiently transport 200 pieces of metal tubes. PalletBiz Denmark needed to find such a packaging solution where the tubes did not touch – as shown on the picture, we were able to come up with the perfect design, which also saved quite a big sum of money for our client due to the reduced transport costs.


If you would also like to reduce packaging and transport costs through the most fitting solution, please feel free to contact us at gss@palletbiz.com!

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