Steel pallets – the best alternative for eur and plastic pallets

Steel pallets are one of the most dynamically developed loading carriers in Europe and are best substitute for conventional wooden and plastic pallets. PalletBiz has become an industry specialist by manufacturing and perfecting steel pallets in accordance with special technical documentations and consultations with our Customers.

steel pallet

We at PalletBiz noticed and identified the continuous development and increase of orders for steel pallets of various constructions many years ago, which has enabled us to properly respond to the demand, and consequently to position ourselves as a premium provider of such metal packaging. Each year we receive more orders for steel pallets as a substitute for wooden and plastic pallets, considering stringent safety and fire regulations. The area of application of steel pallets is equally broad as of wooden pallets; however, the durability of the former, for instance, is much higher than of EUR pallets.

We generally design, construct and manufacture steel pallets according to technical drawings, detailed descriptions, or general setup and pictures that we receive from our Customers.

steel pallet

A steel pallet is an ideal load carrier for transporting and warehousing general products, and it is especially suitable for heavy goods. The flat steel pallet is well-suited as a storage carrier, as it can be easily and securely moved and placed with any forklift.

PalletBiz can produce oil- and watertight welded pallets, as well as pallets with all-round flat, bent bars, or EUR pool feet – principally we manufacture any special design for heavy loads and various other applications. The heavy-load pallets are made from special steel profiles, providing a loading capacity of up to 8 tons.

steel pallet

The dimensions range from 400 x 400 mm to the standard 1200 x 800 mm. Our special long steel pallets, racks, and storage pallets can hold materials of the length of up to 12 meters.

steel pallet

A case of extremely heavy steel pallets, produced by PalletBiz

One of the biggest clients of PalletBiz is an international company that manufactures windmill power plants, for whom PalletBiz produced long, special high-weight pallets for the transport of engine turbines. Besides the unusual structure and the own weight of over 700 kg, the most specific attribute of these pallets is the welding method for testing their quality, which practically corresponds with the quality of bridge construction welding. When manufacturing this special product, PalletBiz complied with all technical documentation and specifications included in the packet of technical drawings and quality requirements.

What you should take away

In summary: PalletBiz steel pallets speak for themselves with their durability and stability, and offer a long working life. They are the definition of quality.

If you are looking for a long-term alternative load carrier for your warehouse or transport, you will certainly find that the steel pallet is the most durable alternative to the EUR pallet or one-way pallet made from wood. Get in touch with us at for a detailed quote!

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