Synergy between Logistics and tertiary Packaging: a case study on joining with a logistic background to the PalletBiz Franchise Network

It is an undeniable fact that logistics is closely related to packaging, and pallets in all their forms have been the backbone of logistics operations for decades. Collaborating with numerous companies operating at different levels of the supply chain, PalletBiz proves this statement every day. In this article, we intend to shed some light on our recently finalized partnership with Projekt Cargo GmbH, a logistic company located in Hessen, Germany.


Case specifics 

In October 2022, the PalletBiz Franchising Network welcomed a new member – Mr. David Kallus as the Managing Director of PB Transportmittel and responsible person for the development of PalletBiz in the German state of Hessen. Mr. Kallus wanted to expand further his existing logistics portfolio with additional and compatible products as well as services. Considering that pallets and other sorts of packaging solutions are complementary products to logistics – it seemed an obvious decision to orientate toward our industry.

Using the technical know-how “database” of PalletBiz Network Mr. David Kallus managed to open the production of pallets onsite in a truly short time. Moreover, since joining the franchise, PB Transportmittel has obtained an IPPC license and is close to getting the repair licenses as well.

The cooperation between PalletBiz & logistics companies is a perceptible phenomenon – and our recent discussions with similar companies to Projekt Cargo GmbH in Slovakia and Slovenia prove further that the partnership is beneficial for both sides. By joining PalletBiz Franchising, our potential partners will realize their objective to expand further their footprint in the Central European market.

Unique benefits 

Highlighting the case study above we want to stress the benefits that companies with logistics backgrounds could get from cooperation with packaging & handling franchise. First of all, the optimized business system that PalletBiz provides its franchises potentially leads to significant cost savings over time. Secondly, the additional value increases the satisfaction of all existing Key Accounts, as well as attracts new ones. Thirdly, reusing and repairing pallets allows logistic companies to reduce the amount of waste generated and minimize the carbon footprint. Read more about the advantages of becoming a part of a well-established packaging & handling network.

Our franchise environment is waiting for companies coming from an associated industry (logistics, primary or secondary packaging, etc.) to create new milestones together and add up to the partner’s existing experience!


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