EPAL introduces quality chemical pallets (CP-Pallets)

EPAL (European Pallet Association) – „the largest quality assurance association for wooden load carriers in the world”, and one of the license providers for PalletBiz – has announced the introduction of quality-assured chemical pallets (also known as CP-Pallets) to the packaging industry.

„EPAL is applying its recognized and proven system of standardization and independent quality assurance to the popular chemical pallets and in doing so, closes a gap in the chemical industry’s logistics chain.”

EPAL explains this decision as an essential strategic step, since there has been a demand for safe chemical pallets in the industry for several years. From 1/1/2018 the company will be able to satisfy these demands by starting to distribute such pallets as well, besides the standard product line.

According to EPAL, the launch will affect each country in which EPAL-licensed pallets are produced and repaired. As for the PalletBiz network, PalletBiz Romania is a licensed producer of chemical pallets and has been involved with trading such packaging material, therefore it will be interesting to see how our collaboration with EPAL will develop with regards to chemical pallets across the PalletBiz Regions.

Read the full article from EPAL here.

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