A consultative approach to packaging
Let our experts guide you in analysing what portfolio of packaging and handling is optimal for your company

Materials handling consulting

Handling Materials is but a small part of your overall Materials Handling set-up!

Based on our very competitive Pre-analysis – with a Team of senior consultants – we will outline your improvement and savings potentials.

We are confident that – whatever improvement/savings potential we will uncover – we will be able and willing to assist your organization with the implementation of the necessary initiatives to harvest the benefits.

The key aspect of our services is the end objective. Those always vary depending on the specific client case and ensuring each client received the correct focus is what achieves the ultimate win-win.

It is critical to trust a team of expert consultants to manage your supply chain and material handling needs. This will not only bring financial but also operational value to your entire organization.

What we are offering

  • Sustainable Logistics

Material Handling re-design – the re-design of your packaging and handling products will not only optimize the general spend on these assets, but will also have an impact on your entire Material’s Handling process and set-up.

Having the right products and implementing the right schemes within your logistics will inevitably lead to improvement in your entire value chain.

  • Supply Chain Optimization

Generation 5 is coming – digitization is important not only in your daily commercial business operations, but also throughout the entire organizational structure. Investing in pallet and packaging digitization will mean increasing your pallet tracking and warehouse automation, which leads to big savings in time, work efficiency and expenditures.