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PalletBiz Packaging & Handling

At PalletBiz we have a great combined experience working with both wood and metal - often a great combination considering costs


ExportPack™ resembles premium quality materials and processes designed to secure your product during transport and handling. It has been developed over many years with experience in the packaging industry, working with larger industry professionals.

Large & Light Warehouse Box

 A Large & Light warehouse boxes are produced with boards variying from 16-38mm in thickness. The storage boxes are manufactured in all sizes, depending on the specific requirements from the client. The Large & Light warehouse boxes are commonly used in the machine industry and are always dried and heat-treated according to ISPM-15 norms.

Wooden Crates

A wooden crate is a box which protects the product during transport. There is usually a spacing between the boards which makes this solution less costly compared to the warehouse box. Wooden crates are often used for the aero and other similar sectors due to their lower weight.

Seaworthy Boxes

The Seaworthy Boxes should always be used when goods are transported by sea, or if a company would like its products to be protected from water and moisture during transportation. The common approach is to use warehouse transport boxes fitted with plast on the inside of the box.

Wooden Boxes Special Packaging

Wooden boxes special packaging are a combination of all of the box types and are made according to client specifications. The special boxes can be mounted with everything from inserts, shelves, closing devices, hinges etc.

Wooden Cradles

Wooden Cradles are manufactured as packaging to support larger pipes or tanks after a diameter measure. PalletBiz can produce cradles with a loading capacity of up to 40 tonnes.

Compressed Sawdust Wood Blocks

Our wooden compressed block made from sawdust are compact and easy to store thanks to their highly improved dimensional consistency.