Euro Pallets from PalletBiz are either EPAL or UIC licensed and heat treated in accordance with the IPPC ISPM-15 Standard. This is why handling your products with PalletBiz Euro Pallets is not only an investment in high quality wooden packaging materials, but also an investment in the safety of your products and goods.

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The PalletBiz Pallet is our own pallet product, designed to be an alternative to Euro Pallets. The pallet is easily identified by “PalletBiz” mark, as shown on the picture.

PalletBiz Pallets are constructed with just the right combination of elements to achieve a lower cost than Euro Pallets, without compromising on quality or strength.

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PalletBiz offers collection, repair and buyback services of Used Pallets belonging to the PalletBiz exchange pool or to our clients’ own circulation of pallets.

To enable these services, PalletBiz has an extensive network for collecting and repairing Used Pallets to be re-introduced to our clients at competitive prices.

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While maintaining the strength of the Euro Pallet and Industrial Pallet, the Half Pallet offers several advantages.

Due to its size, the pallet can be brought all the way to the shop floor, making it an ideal product to optimize in-store POP displays in the retail sector.

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The Industrial Pallet is used in many industries as it reduces product damage and increases load stability through its usual strong construction.

It can likewise help to increase operational productivity as the pallet is suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities.

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Special Pallets from PalletBiz are produced uniquely to the client’s needs from finished specifications or by collaborating on product development.

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An effective One-way Pallet production setup allows for increased speed of delivery at competitive prices – regardless of country.

As all of our wood packaging and handling products, heat treated One-way Pallets from PalletBiz are also treated in accordance with the ISPM-15 standard.

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