A consultative approach to packaging

Packaging consulting is a unique offer within the PalletBiz portfolio – and as such, our respective services featured in the January edition of Business Focus Magazine as well.


“We find that our consulting service is a necessary addition besides our product offerings, especially since most companies spend an average of 3%+ of their revenue on packaging material costs. With our help, however, these costs can potentially be reduced by 8-10%” says a Network CTO of Consulting in PalletBiz.

The main objective of PalletBiz providing focused consulting services is to search for and implement novel ways within your business to optimize spending on packaging and handling material usage, whilst ensuring no compromise on health and safety (EHS-Q). The optimization process varies depending on the client case, but it usually includes proposals for re-design or replacement of certain pallets and packaging products, as well as identification of potential savings across the supply chain.

Our consulting practice has more than 20 years of experience, delivering a guaranteed ROI for our clients. Why wait? Reach out at one-call@palletbiz.com to hear more!

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