A new HUB Launched in Poland as a Depot & Repair Center

Following many development steps occurring in the CEN (Central Europe North) region, we are happy to introduce our new HUB which has opened in southwest Poland, close to the German and Czech borders, in Wroclaw. The HUB will initially function as a depot & repair center for the collection, refurbishing, and re-selling of used pallets. The facility will also operate in a manufacturing capacity, primarily focusing on the construction of unique packaging solutions.  

The HUB opening is considered a huge milestone since it is the first of its kind in the PalletBiz Network. Hence the whole Group is excited to see what it is going to bring us in terms of development and scaling up of the business while focusing on the circular economy aspect. The repair center will actively contribute to our sustainability agenda by facilitating the circulation of used pallets. The aim is to reuse and recycle the products that are no longer serving the market’s needs. In this respect, the HUB will be the home of eco-friendly business solutions and products. The HUB opening came into existence following the acquisition of a few innovative and indispensable pieces of equipment that guarantee an adequate repair of pallets and the construction of special /disposable pallets upon our customers’ requests. With the HUB, we are trying to gain a foothold with customers through special pallets and special requests. 

This recent progress in the region has provoked organizational development as well –  Ms. Magdalena Pawłowska has been appointed to oversee the functions of our new Deport & Repair Centre in Wroclaw. 

These recent developments in CEN region have come with expanding the regional organization as well, as we launched the first two franchisees in Germany.

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