IPPC-ISPM 15 certificate
PalletBiz aims to have our entire network IPPC-ISPM 15-certified in the coming years


IPPC-ISPM 15 is an International Phytosanitary Measure. ISPM 15 stands for International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, and the measure was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), directly addressing the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries – therefore it is a regulation for wood packaging material in international trade.

ISPM 15 sets out harmonized expectations for the application of treatments to render wood packaging material practically free of quarantine pests, requiring that they be debarked and then heat treated or fumigated, with a mark of compliance.

The IPPC-ISPM 15 certified PalletBiz franchisees are permitted to produce wood packaging materials of purchased debarked and heat treated wood.

Certified franchisees

PalletBiz Romania

PalletBiz KSA

PalletBiz Bahrain

PalletBiz South Africa

PalletBiz Hungary