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PalletBiz aims to have relevant ISO-certifications implemented throughout the network in the years to come


ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, developing global standards for various industries, contexts and domains. PalletBiz targets to comply with all relevant standards within the Packaging & Handling industry. These international standards enable us to serve our clients with the best products possible while following global regulations, and also prove that what our business provides is real QUALITY.

Some of our franchisees have obtained ISO certifications in Quality Management (9001:2015) and Environmental Management (14001:2015). Our mission is to have all PalletBiz franchisees certified in the coming years – wherever relevant and applicable.

PalletBiz has furthermore invested in a CAD & Computation software, which enables each of our franchise partners to make tests for determining maximum working loads for known payloads. This is done according to EN-1995 & ISO 8611 and is the 3 part of the certification. Below you can see which franchisees have the possibility to conduct such computations according to 8611-3.


  • PalletBiz KSA
  • PalletBiz Poland
  • PalletBiz Romania
  • PalletBiz RSA