AFRCFTA and PalletBiz

The continent of Africa is about to shine a bright light onto the global market, whilst continuing to develop into an integral part of market systems. The general improvement in economic conditions, region-wide investments in infrastructure, rising urban population, better governance, and improving quality of life all point toward a path that embraces Africa for a new and flourishing chapter in its story.

Enter the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfrCFTA), a free-trade agreement between 24 countries. The emergent trade bloc will complement the PalletBiz SADC development plans that are currently underway, effectively giving PalletBiz a lever from which to gain access to markets and other resources across the continent.

As a pioneer, offering a unique portfolio of industrial packaging products, PalletBiz is geared to grow with the African market and take advantage of the benefits and synergies that will be unlocked through the AfrCFTA. Having developed a customised go-to-market approach together with cutting edge product development technologies mean that PalletBiz is ready to hit the ground running.

A series of brand awareness and brand development initiatives are underway in the SADC Region to ensure the word is spread that PalletBiz is in town!

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