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One of the core values of PalletBiz is Win-Win, which is a concept we follow in the steps we take with all our partners and customers alike. Win-win for us also means that we take the extra mile to reach a common understanding and goal when it comes to serving our customers. Win-win means that we do not specialize in one thing and offer this to everyone. Our core strength is the ability to adapt to the markets we operate in and to offer packaging and handling solutions according to our customers’ needs. We know the importance of different types of certifications for different purposes and we know what packaging and handling materials are required depending on the industry the goods belong to.

This is why we offer a wide variety of pallet and handling material types in wood and metal, holding various certifications based on relevance for the given market or industry segment.

Wooden Euro Pallets (EPAL & UIC) are very popular in our day-to-day business in Europe with industries ranging from glass, paper, packaging, tobacco, electronics manufacturing and many more. Within this category, we realize there are also important treatments to be done depending on the individual requirements of the client, either derived from storage considerations or goods sensitivity i.e. with food industry. The chemical and petrochemical markets we serve with the specifically designed CP pallets, primarily focused to our Middle East operations. We thus have the UIC and ISPM-15 options on top of our standard offering. Another consideration within the wood packaging and handling materials is the FMCG sector which has the most need for crates, boxes and containers to hold the bulky clusters of food and bottled drinks. We offer specially made crates and boxes that reach, but not limited to, 5m x 2m x 4m in size.


The automotive sector counts heavily on our metal packaging and handling materials, which comprise of several types of boxes, containers and pallets, all having the ability to support not only automotive parts, but also heavy duty construction and building materials among others. With our UIC Gitterboxes, you will have a ready-made solution for safe and durable transport. The steel collars provide an alternative to those, but with the possibility to divide them with claps and customize to fit any requirement.


To support our metal and wood pallets and load carriers, we have considered the required pallet handling accessories, which serve in areas from extending storage space onto the pallets (pallet collar dividers), through stacking efficiency (metal distancers and wooden lids) to protection and ease of operations (pallet corners and label holders).

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