Big bag metal wire mesh containers from PalletBiz

PalletBiz is hereby presenting a special metal packaging unit for industrial transport and handling, the BIG BAG metal container. Please take a look at these unique metal products dedicated especially for BIG BAGS, bulk bags, and jumbo bags.

PalletBiz, as part of an ongoing product development project, has created special Gitterboxes to secure BIG BAGS with adapters for forklifts and cranes, so that you can protect your bags both during warehousing and transporting to the fullest extent.

This is a special design, because the ends of wire mesh were moved outside the box and then hidden under the folded steel plates. This construction facilitaties loading and unloading the container holding the BIG BAGS without any damages to their surface, or the stored goods themselves. Thanks to this structure you can also empty BIG BAG metal containers simply by turning the box to its side to have the contents safely fall out.

big bag gitterbox

PalletBiz BIG BAG containers are additionally secured from the bottom with a 5 mm steel plate to protect and shield the goods from the forklift.

Due to special stacking features you can easily and quickly carry these Gitterboxes filled with BIG BAGS with a crane to the required destination. The containers have 2-3 longitudinally welded profiled runners, which are built into the middle section of the boxes and flanged on the side. Three runners are attached for heavier loads for maximum security. A small skid radius ensures that the storage and transport pallets are safely stored, even on pallet racks and in high-stock warehouses.

The flexibility of PalletBiz BIG BAG metal boxes is guaranteed – we can produce and tailor our containers to the sizes of your bags.

If you are looking for one of the best metal packaging and handling solutions for your big, bulk or jumbo bags, please send the specific dimensions of your product you wish to store or transport to our respective offices, and we will take care of the design and prepare an offer for you.

Please contact PalletBiz at for either a quote for your BIG BAG containers specifically, or use the industrial standard dimensions.

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