Big bag metal containers: areas of application

There are several areas of application for PalletBiz special mesh containers for BIG BAGS, FIBC, and various sacks.

From industrial to private purposes – extensive areas of application characterize the top combination of metal packaging products. Bulk bags can be used to store and transport bulk goods, wood, or firewood. More and more often the application of the BIG BAG containers can be identified in the wood industry by the utilization of a special unit called Woodenbag as a cost and flat-blocking agent of wood products.

For private or agricultural applications, the use the deadlock boxes can be considered, which are especially fitting for storing vegetables and other types of food that need safe and secure storage.

Simplify the handling of special remnants in the renovation and disposal area!

The BIG BAG wire mesh trays can be individually numbered and labelled, or they can be fitted with an A4 / A3 file holder. On request, we can produce your logo, which we would cut out with CNC machines. This way you would be provided with your own branded metal containers.

PalletBiz wire mesh containers are designed by our own product development team and unit. These special products are made speficially for your BIG BAG plastic bags, so why not make PalletBiz your ultimate supplier? We can help you at every turn and with every request that concern packaging, handling, transportation, and warehousing.

Your customers will surely find extraordinary advantages of this product, so get your quote today! The innovative ways of handling various BIG BAG sacks with this metal container will not only facilitate, but also simplify the work and activities around your warehouse, as well as during transport. Here are some indisputable attributes that particularly characterize our BIG BAG metal wire mesh boxes:

  1. Stabilized and faster mobility of BIG BAGS during transport and storage. While Mobilracks are an excellent storing and handling tool, they are not perfectly suitable for BIG BAGS as they do not facilitate the moving and transport of the BAGS as these special gitterboxes.
  2. BIG BAG metal containers provide protection from all sides. .
  3. PalletBiz BIG BAG metal boxes have all wire mesh walls fully welded outside and hidden under the frame plate, ensuring that the BIG BAGS remain stable and safe.
  4. Thanks to the closed runners, they can also be tipped out easily, which simplifies the emptying of mesh containers and the bags in a safe fashion.
  5. To facilitate their handling by the crane and forklift, our products have crane eyelets and the before-mentioned runners, as well as four stacking corners for easier stocking in the warehouse. To protect against the fork of the forklift, a 5-mm-thick sheet of metal parts is welded in the required height. The steel bottom is 2.5 mm, which makes the boxes even more robust and durable.
  6. PalletBiz BIG BAG lattice containers can be individually numbered and labelled, or can be provided with an A4 / A3 card holder. We can cut out your logo for you on request using CNC machines.

We manufacture Big Bag containers in every dimension, in every colour. Please contact PalletBiz at to produce BIG BAG containers according to your specifications, or use standard dimensions.

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