Brexit and exporting pallets

Brexit brings many changes to the European Union Member States’ trade relations with the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021. Brexit will have major implications for both imports and exports to and from the United Kingdom.

From 2021, wooden packaging, including pallets and europallets, must comply with the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures ISPM15. In short, heat treatment of wood prevents the spread of harmful organisms, according to international regulations for the import of wood packaging materials. This means, all packaging must be marked in accordance with international standards. This marking allows a quick check in a computerized system that the tree meets the relevant requirements.

Here are some commonly used pallet recommendations that are widely accepted by companies in England and abroad.


Europallets EPAL 1200 × 800:


This is one of the most used pallets in the world at the moment, adhering to the highest quality standards. More than 450-500 million pallets are currently in circulation.


EPAL 1200 × 1000 EUR 2 licensed pallets, or EPAL 2:


The EPAL 2 pallet design makes it ideal for the heaviest industrial goods. The main frame allows its transportation on chains or conveyors.


EPAL 1200 × 1000 EUR 3 licensed pallets, or EPAL 3:


The design of the EPAL 3 pallet makes it ideal for ensuring national and international transport of goods without problems.


Industrial pallets 1200 × 1000 or PalletBiz pallets 1200 × 1000

The 1200 × 1000 PalletBiz pallets are ideal both for transporting goods and for their safe storage. They can withstand up to 1500 kg and are delivered with a certificate certifying the heat treatment.

These are just a few of the types of pallets that are commonly used to transport goods to and from the UK. PalletBiz has the ability to design and manufacture any type of pallets or wooden packaging.


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