Contracted repair & replacement of eur pallets and uic gitterboxes

PalletBiz started a contracted cooperation with an international automotive supplier a few years ago, resulting in a long-term partnership around the repair and replacement of EUR pallets, wooden collars, and UIC containers, as per UIC / EPAL guidelines and regulations.


Used UIC Gitterboxes waiting for repair

We urge you to seek out similar collaborations with PalletBiz, as you will not only save on your packaging by optimizing and “greening” your portfolio, but you will also contribute to sustainable development within the industrial packaging sector. Consequently, please consider not buying new wooden pallets, crates, or steel boxes, but contract PalletBiz instead to repair, reuse and recycle used products! The used products provide the same functions and long-term durability while posing less negative impacts on the environment.

Contact us at, start saving on packaging and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future!

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