#1 PalletBiz Global Franchise Conference: Ending 2022 with an outlook and ambitious plans for the new year


PalletBiz held the first-of-its-kind, in-person Global Franchise Conference in Budapest at the end of December, gathering all managing representatives from our locations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. One of the purposes of this network-wide event was to highlight the main achievements and challenges in 2022 and to discuss and approve commercial and strategic forecasts for 2023.

Moreover, to leverage key stakeholders meeting in person, the event also served as a global platform to deepen the interregional relationships, as well as to address the Corporate agenda that influences the Franchise Network.

During the two-day conference, each region had the chance to present their takeaways from 2022 and pitch their targets and aspirations for the new year. The PalletBiz Group Management approved the plans, as well as consolidated the forecasting facts and figures, based on which the Network is expected to achieve a 50-60% increase in combined turnover by the end of 2023. This will be driven by aggressive market development, the introduction of new products and services, the extension of operational footprint in existing regions, as well as by establishing new regions and franchise sites in EMEA and beyond. The number of PalletBiz franchisees Is expected to double, and so is the network employment.

PalletBiz Global has also presented and led discussions on topics of network-wide relevance. These included the introduction of the Sales & Marketing action plan for 2023, as well as the Supply Chain & Operations strategy, highlighting a revolutionary approach to facilitate increasing network coverage. Means to improve on quality and compliance per the PalletBiz Way© were also addressed, and a session was dedicated to sustainability management as well.

This event series was first arranged in 2020 – but only online due to the pandemic and travel restrictions., The network having grown extensively since then, this year everyone welcomed the opportunity to be able to meet in person  in Budapest, where the headquarter office is located, as meeting physically helps to strengthen the personal connections and relationships between all the stakeholders. We were happy to welcome the director of our newest Franchisee in Qatar that officially joined PalletBiz only a few weeks before, making sure that they are properly inaugurated and integrated into the Network right at the start.

By the end of the conference we managed to lift spirits via an engaging program, while also ensuring that we enter the new year with clear vision and goals.  Action plans will now need to be put into motion because we have a lot in the pipeline, and these will eventually affect targets on expansion, the overall revenue, and the quality of the services and products provided.

We thank all our colleagues who prepared for and participated in the event either in Budapest or joined online, as well as for all the hard work, dedication, and success the entire Network demonstrated in 2022. It has been a year filled with challenges, but PalletBiz proved yet again that bad storms are easier to weather through collective strength and power.

We expect 2023 to be no less challenging – and are here to remind that we always welcome local experts that wish to become a Partner in PalletBiz Franchising to leverage from our proven business model and get access to the countless advantages and know-how our Network offers.

You could be in our group photo at the Global Franchise Conference 2023 as well! Interested? Write to as at info@palletbiz.com!

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