How to choose the right pallet

Pallets are the perfect tool to ship and protect your goods but only if they are the best fit for the purpose. Despite being simple in design, there are many pallet variations in sizes, structure, material, capacity to name a few. Determining the right type for your business can be challenging, so we have selected a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your load carrier.

Choosing the most suitable pallets

There are five things we deem important to investigate before settling on a certain load carrier::

  • The financial aspect of investing in load carrier: The first thing businesses naturally consider is the monetary cost for any materials used internally. Budgeting for pallets can be difficult if you don’t know what pallet you actually need. So before thinking about your budgets, it is imperative that you consider aspects concerning the design, size, capacity, material of the pallet, all of which can save you money, effort and time in the long run.
  • The compatibility with existing equipment: Even though most pallet jacks and forklifts use are the same type of design, you will still encounter pallets or equipment which don’t match and that will lead to a lot of inefficiencies.
  • The longevity of pallets is just as important as the design suitability itself: Making sure that your pallets will be able to handle all your shipments and the loads which they carry is of crucial importance, not only because of the financial benefits but also to ensure safe transportation of the cargo.
  • The sustainability of the pallets: are they coming from responsible sources? Are there any logistical schemes you can use to extend the lifecycle and re-use? Having the proper sustainability practices in place will ensure the return on investment and improve your economical impact.

As simple as they seem, pallets are in fact essential to creating an efficient, cost-effective supply chain. If you find yourself in need of new pallets, we will be more than happy to help you find the ones that work best for your product and shipping needs. Establishing the right pallets for your business will make the difference for success of your supply chin.

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