We are always looking for great talent

Feel free to browse around in our job listings below! We are continuously updating the list of available positions throughout our Global Network that comprises Country and Master Franchisees in Europe (Denmark, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania), Middle East (Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman), and Africa (Republic of South Africa & SADC…

Business Development Manager- SEE

As our Business Development Manager, you shall oversee the development of our commercial business activities as well as the development of our Franchise and supply chain footprint in our SEE Region, with focus on the following countries: Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia.

Personal Assistant & Business Administrator (PA & BA)

PalletBiz is an international manufacturer and distributor Franchise Network, developing and maintaining a unique Business System for Packaging and Handling Materials made from wood and metal (and in the future, plastic) – primarily focusing on both standard returnable transit packaging (e.g., pallets, crates, collars, bins, frames, etc.), as well as custom designed and manufactured products for our customers.

BA & Supply Chain Coordinator

You will be joining a department which – within the scope of the Salzburg/CES office responsibilities– oversees the business development and overall operations related to our CES region.