Markets of interest – strategic business opportunities

Americas is on the radar for 2020!

During the recent years, the franchising entity of PalletBiz has received increased interest from the North American markets, primarily the US.

The 2020 vision of PalletBiz has till recently been to establish its footprint as an EMEA provider, which has been fulfilled. The focus will continue unchanged as it is not only about a footprint, but about cementing its position by clustering as also explained recently by company COO, Mr. Gents:

“Our plan for the upcoming years is to solidify our existing footprint by clustering, to achieve synergies”
Source: Business Focus Magazine, Jan.19

Despite the above statement given recently – everything is about timing. So, the international board has decided to include North America in the strategic plans for the coming years. In practice this will mean that PalletBiz will actively consider new franchise applications from the North American continent and combine this with a more active pursuit of opportunities with major international key accounts, who has similarly showed interest in PalletBiz being able to serve them across the Atlantic.

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