Maximize Your Storage Efficiency with PalletBiz’ Folded Gitterboxes

In today’s competitive market, businesses encounter challenges in organizing their space effectively to ensure stable growth. That’s why PalletBiz offers a range of high-quality and economical solutions, including folded containers.

What is folded Gitterbox?

Also known as a wire mesh pallet box, it is welded by strong steel wire, which is reinforced at the bottom by U-shaped welding. It has 900 kg loading capacity and can be stacked in 3 layers. With impressive specifications like high strength, large loading capacity and foldability, collapsible wire mesh pallet containers offer numerous benefits for your organization:

Space-saving: The foldable Gitterbox design allows it to be conveniently folded and stored when not in use. By utilizing the folded box, you can create an organized environment and maximize your storage capacity. Moreover, this optimization of space utilization is a game-changer for your transportation, saving costs due to the increased load capacity.

Wire Mesh Pallet Boxes
A great packaging alternative - flexible, strong and price friendly.
Wire Mesh Pallet Boxes
Wire Mesh Boxes are easy to fix to any type of 1200 x 800 mm sized pallet

Durability and reusability: With additional galvanized surface which ensures longevity, folded wire mesh pallets are a reliable solution for various industries and products.

Efficient handling and storage: This foldable metal packaging is compatible with forklifts, trolleys, and hydraulic pallet trucks, streamlining logistics processes.

Convenient access and inventory management: The accessible clap at the front side allows easy retrieval of materials, while fixed storage capacity and neat stacking enhance inventory control.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly: Foldable steel containers reduce packaging and transportation costs, minimize manpower consumption, and promote sustainability through recycling.

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