Operational kick-off in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian franchise business case has been under development in the past years and is now finally operational.

The state-of-the-art production setup in Dammam, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia brings an annual output of 500.000 exceeding units per year alongside the full scale of PalletBiz Premium services.

PalletBiz launced its operations in Q3 2014 and has since the beginning been devoted to providing a Premium quality to its clients. “The lack of quality or attention to quality in the GCC region is one of the main areas where we will differentiate us from the competition” says Mr. Ghazi Althani, Man. Director of the Saudi Arabian franchise. He continues by adding; “Quality surely has a price, but not many companies in this region considers the indirect costs such as administration costs and related quality problems when they go for the cheaper version. We add value to our clients’ supply chain, not only by delivering higher quality products that will have a longer lifetime, but also by adding premium services, that ultimately will lower TCO and leave a no-headache solution for our clients and let us worry about what we do best.”

The factory also includes a completely new drying chamber from Italy, thus being able to offer Heat-Treatment services for its clients.

Below is a picture of one of the partners of the Saudi Arabian franchise, Mr. Mohammed Althani, together with PalletBiz COO, Mr. Thomas Gents. The picture shows one of the first deliveries leaving the brand new factory in the 2nd industrial city of Dammam.


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