Optimizing warehouse with pallet collar accessories

Your pallets and handling materials are the backbone of your warehouse, supporting the successful storage and delivery of goods, assisting your logistical operations and improving productivity, making them an invaluable part of your business. But the capabilities and sustainability of your pallets can be further enhanced with additional pallet collar accessories, designed to support, protect and provide versatility. With the right accessories you can ensure reusability, convenience, safety and space saving, in your warehouse as a whole. PalletBiz offer a comprehensive range of pallet accessories that contribute to a highly productive warehouse.

There are multiple additions you can attach to your pallet collars to enhance and customise them to your needs. We offer stacking plastic corners, dividers, pallet distancers, label holders, lids and covers.

You can achieve high quality transport by using pallet collars, because the frames play a big role in securing the goods while moving. In combination, the pallet collar accessories bring that extra level of performance for each usage scenario, making the transportation more efficient and reliable.

The various types of pallet collar accessories provide different benefits. The stacking plastic corners reduce the risk of displacement of pallet collar and allow for the safe placement and stacking of pallets.  The distancers guarantee further stability of pallet stacking but also ensure easy access to the loaded cargo inside the pallet. The dividers are a great way of optimize your pallet space and creating opportunity for more than one type of product to be loaded onto a pallet in an organized way.

If you want to know more how these accessories can help you, get in touch and our product specialists, who will be more than happy to help!

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