Packaging & handling services

When it comes to exporting and importing goods, safety is first. At PalletBiz, we offer various types of handling services to ensure the safe and compliant transport of your cargo.


Strapping, sometimes referred to as pallet strapping or pallet banding is used for attaching packaging material such as crates and boxes to pallets. It also provides the means for binding multiple items together for easier handling. All this helps reinforce the structure of the packaging to help prevent damage. With our strapping service we ensure that your products always arrive to their destination in their best condition.

We use the following strapping tools: Bands, Metal straps, Wire.

Container Packing and Lashing

The container can serve as both packaging as well as means for transportation. The cargo however, often requires a package during transport also within the container. The cargo will determine the the type of packaging and container and the way of transport. Some of the things to take into considerations are the packaging material, transport duration and humidity conditions, all of which contribute to the stacking strength of the packaging.

There are different ways for securing cargo inside a container. Container lashing is the process of securing containers together. When a container is loaded over ships, it is secured to the ship’s structure and to the container placed below it by means of lashing rods, turnbuckles, twist-locks etc Lashing devices are fixed lengthwise along the rails at the floor, at the roof and close to the corner. Lashing allows for higher number stacked containers to be carried across long distances in the most stable manner.

Choosing PalletBiz’s Packaging & Handling services will provide you with our team of experts, who will ensure that your goods are secured and ready for transport. We offer on-site container packing, lashing and montage services – all to make packaging as easy and convenient as possible for your business!

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