PalletBiz among the most financially stable companies in Hungary: Dun & Bradstreet’s AAA Certificate

Another year, another milestone for PalletBiz! We are pleased to announce that we have not only maintained our status but have reached new heights by earning the AAA Certificate from Dun & Bradstreet. For us, the fact that an independent and international expert like Dun & Bradstreet has acknowledged the stability of our company once again conveys the message that we are on the right track in building and developing our company.

The basis of the AAA Certificate is Dun & Bradstreet’s rating system, which has been used for rating companies in view of their reliability for decades. Their rating is based on data originating from multiple official sources, such as information from the Ministry of Justice, entries of the Courts of Registry, as well as the data of the National Tax and Customs Administration. In addition to the data from the official sources, the financial information regarding the firm, such as balance data, profit, loss accounts, and trends are also incorporated.

This certificate strengthens the foundation of trust that is essential for long-term, stable business relationships. Unlike other ratings, achieving a Dun & Bradstreet rating requires no application or registration.  This independent evaluation solely reflects our company’s merits, making it an even more distinguished achievement. As the Dun & Bradstreet rating does not only show the currently steady financial standing of PalletBiz Franchising Zrt., but partly owing to the design of the rating it also indicates the probability of our business staying successful in the forthcoming year, we can proudly state that we shall continue to be a steady player in the market for the future too.

PalletBiz prioritizes fair and ethical market practices, which is why external validation of our low financial risk is an honor for us as a Franchise Network operating in the fast-changing international environment.

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