PalletBiz Feature as a Packaging Industrial Leader in Business Focus Magazine

With the title “Helping to move the world” PalletBiz got featured for the third time in Business Focus Magazine for September 2022! With that being said, we are happy with this fruitful relationship and featuring with the magazine which is considered a global leading magazine that highlights inspiring stories of companies with high achievements and standards to raise the bar in many industries and help set an example for the others in the field. 


This year’s feature focused on the recent developments, described in the interview with COO and managing director Mr. Thomas Gents, as well as mentioning PalletBiz network aspirations and vision to comprise an increasing number of production units and distribution depots throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and beyond. As the network aims to deliver premium, sustainable, one-call-for-all, and cross-border solutions to the industry, the expansion to existing and new regions is progressing at full speed. During the feature, other topics were also highlighted. The regional network achievements, deliverables, and new collaborations to name a few. PalletBiz is opening its door to expand to more countries throughout EMEA and beyond as well as solidify the current footprint, an example of which is a developing presence in Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, and a record-breaking turnover level in Romania., In addition to that PalletBiz is discovering more possibilities in new markets like the USA, Canada, Germany, India, Brazil, Mexico, and more. 



The feature talked about our sustainability approach as a key value to keep our standards and differentiate us from many others in the industry. and as a new milestone in our 25th anniversary in 2022, our Corporate Sustainability Strategy was recognized by the IFUA Green Controlling Award. Besides the award, we were honored to plant a tree with our name on the embankment of the Danube, in Budapest which keeps reminding us to pay more attention to the necessity of the continuation of the sustainability-focused approach as a strategic direction. 


The feature talked about our inspiring story of growing in challenging times by focusing on developing the least reached areas and staying up to the standards in the industry. 


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