PalletBiz features in international business publication

PalletBiz was yet again selected to feature as a business case in the August edition of international publication Business Focus Magazine. It has been over 18 months since our company was first introduced in the magazine, and we were just as excited to join a conversation with the editors this time around.

While the previous feature focused in on the background and history of PalletBiz with some outlook on the future plans in store, this time we had the opportunity to expand more on our short- and long-term corporate strategies. Similarly to last time, the magazine requested Mr. Thomas Gents, COO of the PalletBiz Group to participate in an interview session in order to find out about what has happened in the past 1,5 years within the company, as well as what the roads ahead look like.

After Mr. Gents provided the highlights in terms of the biggest recent milestones, which mostly concerned geographical and operational expansions within the network, he was asked to elaborate on the strategic aspects of running PalletBiz. Mr. Gents connected the dots with regards to a corporate 5-year strategy from 2020 to 2024, as he explained; all past and current pursuits have been driven to set up and initiate these strategic plans. As both the editors and Mr. Gents pointed out, the COVID-19 pandemic obviously had an impact on PalletBiz as well, forcing the company to think on its feet in order to not only be able to remain operational, but also to maintain the course that had been set out to meet certain strategic criteria and goals in this period as well.

Mr. Gents also explained that an immense part of the PalletBiz corporate strategy is closely focused on sustainability. He drew attention to the fact that sustainability comprises several varying principles and aspects, which might make it challenging for a company to visualize and plan concrete actions. Regardless whether we are looking at sustainability from a supply chain, workplace diversity or environmental protection point of view, just to select a few, the first step for a company should always be to know what it wants to achieve specifically, how the actions will be monitored, tracked, and measured, as well as what the indicators of success are. A facilitating framework, a sustainability balanced scorecard for instance, might also come in handy, as such a performance measurement system will allow for translating theoretical plans into concrete actions that are quantifiable and clearly signal whether the steps taken towards sustainable development are in fact aligned with the outset sustainability agenda. PalletBiz is currently in the progress of developing such a balanced scorecard, and Mr. Gents expressed high hopes for this instrument to be an integral part of corporate strategies and decision-making mechanisms throughout the PalletBiz Group.

This brief overview was just a teaser for the Busines Focus Magazine feature – click here or on the pictures below to view and read the whole article! If you have questions to our strategies, sustainability initiatives, or operations in general, drop us a mail at!


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