PalletBiz franchise network expansion in Middle East – GCC region

After recently having welcomed a new Franchisee in Hungary, we are happy to announce yet another sequence in the strategic growth and development of the PalletBiz Franchising Network. Following more than a year of discussions, research, preparations, and planning, we have entered into an agreement with a local business partner in the Middle East, which entails the allocation of franchise rights to the countries of Oman, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. This project marks one of our largest franchise roll-out and investment scope to date, and alludes to PalletBiz presence to be established in the entire GCC region before the end of 2022.


This also means that we are now in active search for 4 local operational partners in the respective countries to assume the front entity role. You can read more on our franchise-related intentions and offerings on this page.


This accession brings us closer to our strategic pursuit of a GCC-wide presence and coverage and will provide a unique infrastructure to cater for inter-regional, cross-border flow of tertiary Packaging & Handling Materials. At the same time this speaks to our sustainable strategic agenda by integrating the principles of circular economies into the core of the business planning and roll-out.


We are looking ahead some very exciting and eventful times – so be sure to check back on our news page for further updates, and follow our LinkedIn page for the latest developments!

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