PalletBiz Hungary levels up operational development

PalletBiz Hungary has been operational for over a decade, and it is currently the Franchisor entity of the PalletBiz network. Operations and processes regarding Hungarian business development have been partially run from the Global Sourcing and Sales (GSS) department located in Copenhagen, however, the management has decided that it was due time that activities and projects related to the Hungarian packaging and handling industry are taken over by local officials instead, in order to fully maximize on the market potentials. Mr. Thomas Gents, COO of the PalletBiz Group explains the decision as follows:

“We have been transitioning slowly into where we are today throughout 2020 – focusing on organizational development locally in Hungary. We will have a strong and competent team supporting both the regional development as well the Network growth throughout EMEA out of the Budapest office. So indeed exciting times for the regional division.”

Mr. Zsolt Majer has joined the Group as Business Development Manager of the Central Europe (CE) / South East Europe (SEE) region, describing big plans on utilizing local sales and sourcing potentials:

“Central Eastern Europe is the most dynamic region of EU, despite economical turbulences of nowadays. The fast development generates demand on more and more professional handling and packaging materials. The advantages of PalletBiz are the high quality professional products and flexible attitude vs. changing business environment.”

Mr. Majer’s work is accompanied by a support function in sourcing, which has been filled by Mr. Gopikrishna Sreenivasapuram, who joined the team as Supply Chain Assistant and will be responsible for mapping out potential suppliers and additional members of a Hungarian value chain that comply with the corporate environmental and ethical standards PalletBiz. Mr. Sreenivasapuram trusts that this position will eqip him with practical skills and business experience that will complement his undergoing MSc studies:

“I found out about the internship opportunity at PalletBiz from our college website. After the successful interview I started my internship as a supply chain assistant from July and from the very first day I started to learn new things, explore and research about the market situation which was very interesting and helped me to put my educational background on the table.”

A crucial part of expanding and developing a business is to establish a stable presence both on off-and online media channels to ensure that the company is well-known among the target audience, and is their first choice when it comes to premium packaging and handling. For this purpose, a Marketing & Sales Specialist position was created within the Global Sourcing & Sales Team, which has been filled by Ms. Monika Panteva. Ms. Panteva looks forward to new challenges in her assumed role:

“I am very excited to start this journey at PalletBiz, a company with such diverse and strong customers, employees and business networks. There are numerous inspiring projects ahead and I am eager to drive the marketing strategy and be part of the company’s overall growth plan.”


Left to right: Mr. Gopikrishna Sreenivasapuram, Ms. Lilla Zombori [Ba & Sustainability Coordinator]; Ms. Monika Panteva; and Mr. Thomas Gents in Budapest.

Considering that the office in Budapest now comprises many new colleagues, as well as the fact that the accelerated operations in the Central European region are expected to bring in returns that need to be properly accounted for, a joint position of Business Controller & Office Manager was filled by Mr. Balázs Virág. Mr. Virág is ready to provide a strong financial and administrative framework for the new office, noting the following:

“I am happy to join Palletbiz, and to work on the controlling, finance and accounting in the new Budapest office.”

The new team gathered together for the first time (along with Mr. Gents and Mr. Artur Niewiadomski [Supply Chain Manager] visiting from Copenhagen) in the last week of August to agree on the first steps to kick off a productive and successful Q3 in 2020. Through the above-described incremental growth in human resources the PalletBiz Hungary entity is expected to soon be able to provide a one-call-for-all type of services, similarly to the other franchisees of PalletBiz Group, and consequently to become the number one provider of industrial packaging and handling solutions in the CE / SEE region.


Left to right: Mr. Zsolt Majer; Mr. Balázs Virág; Ms. Monika Panteva; Mr. Artur Niewiadomski; and Mr. Gopikrishna Sreenivasapuram in Budapest.

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