PalletBiz metal info sheet for 2017-18

As reported earlier this year, PalletBiz has introduced Metal Packaging as an additional product line to the clients and business partners.

We now proudly present the Info Catalogue of Metal Packaging & Handling Products – to see or download the soft version of the Info Sheet,  please click on the link below:

Metal Info Sheet – 2017/18


In the brochure not only do you find our different Metal Packaging categories with detailed technical information, but you can also acquire a better understanding of how our products can help you achieve the most effective and efficient ways of handling – either in your warehouse, or during transportation.

Besides offering a wide selection of several types of Metal Packaging products, we can help you take care of your old steel packaging as well. Consult with our teams today to find out what the best way is to satisfy your Packaging & Handling needs!

Enjoy reading!

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