PalletBiz wins the prize at IFUA green controlling award

We are delighted to announce that PalletBiz was awarded the prize for its outstanding strategic solution with our application to the IFUA Green Controlling Award! The study delineates the overall perspective of PalletBiz on (corporate) sustainability, while highlighting the importance of a strategic approach towards the concept.

What is the IFUA Green Controlling Award width=

The objective of the IFUA Green Controlling Award is to recognize green and sustainable management solutions. The competition was announced by IFUA for the first time in Hungary this year, modelled after the 10-year-old scheme that had originated in Germany. An important aspect in the evaluation of the submitted applications is to analyze how important the project is to the company, as well as to what extent controllers have been involved in the work. Through the award scheme it is targeted to inspire the competing companies to think in a sustainable, strategic manner; while also promoting the fact that with proper management, it is possible to run green projects and initiatives that do not only serve sustainability, but also contribute to better financial performance, and ultimately, to the long-term success of the organization.

We at PalletBiz welcome and recognize any attempt that puts sustainable development in focus. As part of our commitment to green our operations to our best abilities, we are continuously exploring and participating in as many sustainability initiatives as possible.

The PalletBiz strategic solution

The purpose of the study was to develop a corporate strategic solution that targeted the meaningful integration of sustainability into the operations of PalletBiz as a company in the industrial packaging sector.


We have applied the conceptual framework of a Sustainability Performance Measurement System (SPMS) to structure our respective management processes, which – as the IFUA evaluation has also recognized – enables the incorporation of green and sustainability aspects into the operations, in addition to “traditional/conventional” financial goals and performance indicators.

The selected method of implementation in the study was a customized Sustainability Balanced Scorecard and a derived strategy map, which are proven instruments and value-based, decision-support eco-controlling tools that can potentially enhance and frame the sustainable strategic management processes in a company. PalletBiz has even established a separate organizational unit and function that is responsible for the further development and practical application of the SPMS, as well as for the overall management of sustainability in the company.

At the core of our corporate agenda lie the sustainability aspects that are of strategic relevance to PalletBiz, which include (1) achieving eco-efficiency in the production, supply chain and transport; (2) sustainable product development via the integration of the principles of 3R and circular economies (design for recycling – design from recycling); and (3) decreased material waste along the entire life cycle via sustainable waste management.

Preparing a case study for the IFUA Green Controlling Award was certainly a notable milestone for PalletBiz, and we thank IFUA for their consideration and expert feedback – now it is time to see how it will all work and unfold in practice and in real life.


Find more information on the study here or talk to the experts:


Zombori Lilla

Sustainability & HRD Specialist

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Dr. Katalin Domány Vrannai

Head of Communication

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