Presenting the PalletBiz corporate sustainability strategy

Considering that PalletBiz operates in an industry that is heavily dependent on the abundance of quality raw materials (particularly wood), as well as on other resources such as energy, fossil resources, and water, we recognize that we must strategically deal with our impact on the environment and the respective social constructs. Being of Scandinavian origins, our network is a strong advocate of sustainable development – and we are committed to “greening” our operations as much as possible, strictly whilst, however, avoiding greenwashing.

In light of the above and to translate sentiments into concrete actions, PalletBiz has established a new department and function that is dedicated to corporate sustainability coordination and management (GSS Department of Sustainability & HRD). As one of the first milestones, the department produced the first version of the PalletBiz Corporate Sustainability Strategy that encompasses, among others, the sustainability mission and vision of the company, as well as corresponding sub-strategies, initiatives, and actionable items. The document can be viewed and downloaded here.

Besides the first version of the sustainability strategy, PalletBiz can report on some further concrete actions and steps directly connected to sustainability that have already taken place within our Franchise Network. Such initiatives include actively opposing irresponsible deforestation by committing to maintain forest biodiversity through sourcing wood and raw materials strictly from responsible and certified suppliers; or working towards achieving ISO 14001 and FSC® certifications for the production and trade of wooden products. The latter has only been realized by our Romanian and Saudi Arabian Country Franchisees so far, but we are working on expanding the list of our certified franchisees in the very near future. A complete overview of all industrial certifications obtained within our Network is found here.

In addition to the environmental concerns, we also consider our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) that are communicated and made available via the PalletBiz Code of Conduct (CoC). Our CoC must be complied with by all our stakeholders, including both internal (e.g., employees, shareholders, etc.) and external (e.g., suppliers) members of our network. The compliance of our supplier network is regularly audited via a supplier scorecard, in addition to a quality assessment that precedes our negotiations and eventual contractual relationship with potential suppliers.

Our overall objective before the end of 2021 is to build on the initiated momentum to secure a more established sustainability positioning for PalletBiz as a player of the industrial/tertiary packaging sector, which we shall achieve through the development and implementation of targeted actions and measures. Keep posted on our website and LinkedIn page for continuous updates, or contact us at!

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