Steel & metal packaging product line from PalletBiz

Steel & Metal Packaging is offered as a multifaceted portfolio by PalletBiz through a wide range of quality products.

In order to explore our standard metal products, please check our Metal Info Sheet! The brochure provides detailed introductions on our most popular standard products, including UIC Gitterboxes, Folded Gitterboxes / Wire Mesh Boxes, Half (Gitter)boxes, Steel Collars, Mobilracks / Manuracks, and Solid Boxes.

In addition to our standard steel products, PalletBiz also offers a special metal product line. Some of the components of the special metal packaging unit are described below, with explicit focus on their technical specifications, as well as on how they have been applied in a practical context.

  1. Zinced trash Gitterboxes

Trash metal boxes with rolls have been specifically created as a new product design for the above-described purpose. These Gitterboxes on roll have a special conical construction with a hot zinc surface in order to protect the boxes throughout the year in all weather conditions, making this product especially durable, even if stored outside from winter to fall. The boxes are equipped with two back rolls and two front swivel rolls with breaks.


  1. Steel Gitterboxes for standard BIG BAGS

PalletBiz created and manufactured a new design of special Gitterboxes with the purpose of protecting standard BIG BAGS. This special product has been especially popular with one of the biggest international recycling companies in Germany, for whom PalletBiz has produced and delivered 450 pieces of this metal packaging unit. These Gitterboxes are designated for the warehousing and transportation of BIG BAGS.


One of the main goals of this product development project was to protect the BIG BAGS stored in wire mesh boxes from the forks of the forklift, as well as to ensure easy (un)loading and durability during transportation.

  1. Metal container with openable bottom

This is one of the most inventive containers PalletBiz has produced for the purpose of storing loose goods and waste products. The box was first made upon a special customer request, but following a successful implementation and production, we decided to further commercialize the product.


What makes this unit special is that its base is a large solid container with pressed folded walls, and its bottom is fully openable from one side. The openable side is equipped with a special lock system which can be released by the forklift driver from his cabin. The box is designed with rolls as well, which facilitate the easy transport of heavy products.

  1. Special Gitterboxes with dimensions of 2200 x 1200 x 1000 mm

PalletBiz has produced five FTLs of these large Gitterboxes upon the request of one of the biggest international transport companies in Poland. The manufacturing process was planned completely based on the technical documentation and drawings received from the customer, proving that PalletBiz can facilitate and materialize any extraordinary ideas. The boxes were painted red and grey.


The special dimensions of 2200 x 1200 x 1000 mm required additional reinforcements to the product to ensure a stable and durable construction. When such a special product is requested, a sample unit is always manufactured first for testing and approval by the customer. Only when the sample product is approved can the mass production start.

  1. Special Gitterboxes with dimensions of 1728 x 792 x 478 mm

PalletBiz is currently producing an order of 500 of special Gitterboxes with the above dimensions for one of the biggest car manufacturing companies worldwide. The production is based on technical drawings and specifications provided by the client.


These boxes were created with a steel plate welded at the front side of the box, with the production year and week, the name and logo of the customer, as well as the weight of the box imprinted on the wall. The boxes are stackable 1+4 when loaded with goods. The load capacity is 1500 kg.


  • Measure and adjust the requested container dimensions to the dimensions of the products you wish to store in them, or to the warehouse.
  • Consider the aspects of transport and logistics, especially with regards to the in-place requirements for a third party entering your warehouse.
  • Feel free to forward us any concept you have in mind and we will help you bring the idea to life! Please always make sure, however, to make your inquiries as specific as possible, as that will enable us to meet your expectations to a full extent.

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