The most well-known packaging unit: introducing the EPAL pallets

EPAL pallets and wood packaging facilitate the transport of goods around the world, as well as they are essential with regards to the safety of goods and the proper and structured functioning of warehouses.

The large volume of EPAL EUR pallets – including used quality A and B – currently circling global pooling and supply chain systems shows that this pallet is the most popular exchange unit. The users benefit from a manifold of advantages regarding the EPAL system, including global availability and interchangeability, cost transparency, and contractual independence.

EPAL pallets are a great solution when it comes to storing goods at heights. This is due to product attributes such as quality safety, high loading capacity, and non-skid properties provided by wood – the latter is essential specifically for storage on smooth surfaces.

In addition, since the pallet can be used and re-used several times, both logistical and environmental costs are significantly reduced. An EPAL pallet is most often only repaired for the first time after 6-8 uses. It can later be repaired again for minimal resources, and at the end of its life-cycle it is completely recyclable, thus showcasing a cradle-to-cradle circle.

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