The Role of Packaging & Handling in Ensuring Product Safety

Product safety is a paramount concern for both consumers and businesses alike. To ensure that products reach consumers without compromising their safety, the role of packaging and handling cannot be overstated. In general, packaging serves as a protective barrier, while proper handling practices minimize the risk of damage or contamination throughout the supply chain.

However, tertiary packaging goes beyond protection and offers additional benefits. It facilitates handling, transportation, and provides important information through labeling, offering convenience to all parties involved.

To prevent the risks associated with poorly designed or inappropriate tertiary packaging, PalletBiz has compiled essential guidelines for selecting the right packaging and handling solutions.

Durability and Strength:

Choose the most durable packaging materials which are designed to withstand transportation challenges and safeguard your products against damage. Such options as Industrial pallets or Special Boxes with increased load stability, or Steel pallets and Gitterboxes are made to carry heavy and non-standard loads.

Proper Size and Fit:

Ensure that the packaging fits your product securely, minimizing movement and the potential for damage. PalletBiz’s Exportpack, Wooden Cradles or Special pallets offer customizable options to ensure a perfect fit.

Strapping and Stability:

When it comes to exporting and importing goods, safety is first. PalletBiz provides a strapping service that reinforces and secures the transportation of your products. Moreover, PalletBiz offers on-site container packing, lashing and montage services – all to make packaging as easy and convenient as possible for your business! Choose bands, metal straps, or wires to guarantee that your products arrive in the best condition. 

Appropriate Labeling:

Ensure that your packaging is properly labeled. Clear labels provide handlers with information about the contents of the crate, special handling requirements, and potential hazards. Labels such as “Heavy,” “Fragile,” or directional arrows aid in safe handling.


Packaging and Handling Collars & Accessories:

The capabilities and sustainability of your pallets can be further enhanced with additional pallet collar accessories designed to support, protect and provide versatility. With the right accessories you can ensure reusability, convenience, safety and space optimization, in your warehouse as a whole. Check out PalletBiz accessories offering that contributes to a highly productive warehouse.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards:

Pay attention to the fact that your material/service provider complies with all relevant national and international regulations and standards. PalletBiz’s products adhere to traditional industry standards, such as ISPM 15 and relevant ISO certifications. Furthermore, it has also acquired CP License, EPAL License, FSC® chain of custody certification (FSC-C175985), and Chemicals and Allied Industries Certificate of membership throughout our different operations.

Choosing PalletBiz’s Packaging & Handling materials and services grants you access to our team of experts, who will ensure that your goods are secured and packaged in the most efficient and safe manner, specifically suited to your individual business.

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