Regional management visits PalletBiz KSA & PalletBiz Bahrain

PalletBiz Management has recently paid a much-desired visit to our operational Franchisees in the Middle East/GCC Region: Bahrain and KSA. On behalf of both regional and corporate management, Mr. Thomas Gents represented a combined role as Regional Head of GCC and Group COO, thus the nature of the travel was also manifold. As Mr. Gents re-located from Denmark to UAE earlier this year, the logistics of the travel were more favorable this time around, and expectedly similar arrangements will be possible more frequently in the coming period, to witness all the growth our Franchisees are demonstrating first-hand, and on a more contstant basis. 

PalletBiz KSA has been operational since 2016 as the first Franchisee in the GCC Region. Since then, our Partner has been continuously and increasingly matruring, enough to mention the development concerning commercial aspects. Efficient Key Account Management – which has been guided by the Standard Operating Procedures via the PalletBiz Way ©, as well as by the Corporate Values of Proactiveness & Win-Win – has contributed to a constant augmentation in the number of orders as well as in the capacity over the past years. This has also facilitated further organizational development and workforce extension, as the site has grown into an operation of a 40+ headcount.

PalletBiz Bahrain is our second Franchisee in the region, since 2019. Such management visit to the production site in Sitra has not been possible since operational kick-off, however, we expect to see this changing, as we are now (hopefully) in the declining phase of COVID-19, allowing for more traveling and face-to-face time. Surpassing the 3-year mark of establishment, PalletBiz Bahrain demonstrates several changes and developments, such as its “franchise sibling” in KSA. Although PalletBiz Bahrain commenced as a greenfield setup – which is generally not without difficulties in a “normal” environment either, let alone in one that has been shaken up by a global pandemic – the Franchisee has been managing to surmount its challenges and is now producing notable results and achievements, as well as capitalizing on its market potentials.

KSA and Bahrain visit
From left to right: Mr. Johnson T. Thomas (Sales Executive, PalletBiz Bahrain) , Mr. Abdul Hussain Jarmal (Production Manager, PalletBiz Bahrain), Mr. Thomas Gents (Group COO & Regional Head, GCC)

PalletBiz Bahrain has been committing to larger order volumes, which has created a need to upscale the local capacities, requiring, among others, strengthened workforce and, eventually, a brand new production facility. “Smelling the scent of wood in one of the newest PalletBiz facilities on the globe is always an exhilarating feeling”, expressed Mr. Gents during his visit.

Bahrain factory
Warehouse of the production facility in Bahrain, showing some parts of the timber stock

Mr. Gents’s visit to the regional Franchisees served the overall purpose of following up on the recent milestones at the local operations, as well as of aligning on further development plans.

Hardworking employee from the production in Bahrain

The personal interaction further enhanced the importance of travel. Furthermore, re-ensuring a high level of coordination and (region-wide) synergies that ought to facilitate the further PalletBiz footprint extension in GCC – in terms of both commercial/operational and franchise network expansions – remains a priority, in which we count on all stakeholders within the PalletBiz Network to actively participate and contribute. 

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