Why pooling is good for your business

There have been some serious setbacks this year when it comes to pallet raw material supply with expected future uncertainties in the market. It is, therefore, imperative that packaging and handling producers stay ahead of the game by offering the highest quality, most economical solutions.

Cost and operation go hand in hand when evaluating packaging and handling solutions and businesses should consider the adoption of alternatives to the purchase of new pallets with each demand.

There are some easy-to-see benefits in pursuing Pallet Pooling versus Pallet Buying solutions amongst the not so obvious advantages:

  • Pooling allows for a shift from CAPEX pressure, at the same time eliminating storage costs
  • The pallet pooling provider cover the pallet tracking aspects of supply chain
  • The contribution to reduced CO2 emissions with the help of collecting supply chain solutions

Wooden pallets are still and will continue to be the preferred solution in the market due to their cost and effectiveness. This makes the wooden pallet pooling nearly 90% of the global pallet pooling services because of those cost and efficiency gains. However, pallet pooling does not need to be only limited to wooden pallets. Besides the existing manufacturing units, PalletBiz is also facilitating pooling and buy-back services. This allows for an advantage of never falling short of used pallet availability in case of operating within the open market. PalletBiz can offer various pallet pooling possibilities to reduce the capital expenditures, calling for OPEX solutions instead, and to release a big portion of the supply chain operations burden.

With more and more strict standards in the pharmaceutical industry and the growing industrialization of Food and FMCG sectors, pallet pooling services are becoming more and more relevant.

We, at PalletBiz, are ready to respond to the growing global and government encouragement for the development of a circular economy, and are working towards an increased recovery, reuse, and recycling of pallets as an inseparable part of our business proposition.

If you are ready to jump on the train of saving costs while contributing to a better, leaner, and greener economy, PalletBiz is your one stop on the road to a win-win destination. If, on the other hand, you are not sure how or where to get started; our Handling Consultants are ready to assist you throughout EMEA! Contact us for more information.

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