Inside Sustainability Magazine: PalletBiz leading the way in Smart Corporate Sustainability within the Pallet Industry

The recent issue of Inside Sustainability, one of the leading industry-wide business-to-business magazines with a focus on environmental issues and practices, featured PalletBiz’s outstanding achievements in driving corporate sustainability within the industrial packaging and handling sector.

The article, titled “Smart corporate sustainability in the Pallet Business,” delves into our comprehensive sustainability strategy and highlights our expanding network across various regions.

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During the feature, our Head of Sustainability, Lilla Zombori, was interviewed on how PalletBiz has adopted a proactive approach to sustainability, addressing specific issues that the packaging industry itself contributes to. By identifying the company’s ethos as prevention is better than cure, Ms. Zombori explained how important it is to find the core sustainability problem areas that are most material for the company, and by nature, therefore, constitute a somewhat individualized set of solutions.

The article emphasizes PalletBiz’s commitment to sustainability and efforts to promote higher product efficiency and as a result extend product lifecycles, aligning with the principles of the circular economy. Additional material aspects, such as responsible sourcing, social inclusivity, and growing the franchise network in a mindful and sustainable way have also been highlighted as key elements in our strategy.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable financing, the feature shed light on PalletBiz’s sustainably routed financing options and plans to invest in sustainability-linked bonds. These initiatives not only contribute to internal sustainability goals but also enhance reputation and trust with both external and internal stakeholders – including clients, suppliers, employees, or investors.

Inside Sustainability magazine could not but notice how the industry highlights PalletBiz’s sustainability-focused approach. In 2021, the company’s sustainability strategy was awarded the prize at the prestigious IFUA Green Controlling Award, acknowledging our holistic and research-driven perspective, filled with ambition. This external recognition reaffirms that PalletBiz is on the right path by aiming to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the business, defining it as key for continued growth and development.

With an unwavering belief that sustainability is the driver of commercial success, PalletBiz continues to pave the way in the pallet industry.  Ms. Lilla Zombori pointed out: “When working with sustainability, you should consider your business, the environmental aspects, and the social factors. Only then can sustainability shift from being a mere buzzword into the driver of your success.” By considering these three pillars, PalletBiz has established a sustainable framework that helps us stand out in the industry, and we are looking forward to improving our sustainability performance and maximizing our contributions in areas most material for our business.

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