PalletBiz franchise network expansion in Spain – opening of the SWE region

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the PalletBiz Franchise Network in Spain through the opening of the SWE (South West Europe) region. Building on the recent success of welcoming franchise partners in Germany and Qatar, this strategic move marks another significant milestone in PalletBiz’s growth and development. 

After more than a year of discussions, research, preparations, and careful planning, the company has established a partnership with a local business in South West Europe. As one of the biggest franchise roll-outs in the company’s history, it alludes to PalletBiz’s presence to be established in Spain, Portugal, and South/Central France. By the end of 2023, PalletBiz expects to firmly settle the Master Franchise legal entity – PalletBiz South West Europe SL, conveniently located in Barcelona, the city with the ninth largest port in Europe.

Ms. Mirentxu Alonso Garcia-Granero, the Business Development Manager of PalletBiz SWE, unveils the factors that have led her to embrace the opportunity to join the franchise: In a constantly moving environment such as logistics and the supply chain, we have been forced to adapt our objectives to the circumstances, therefore, we have decided to start the SWE regional franchise to optimize and digitize the operational and commercial processes, since it is a key point in the present and future of logistics”.

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The franchise kick-off will encompass a range of exciting initiatives, including activating operations in carefully targeted niches within the Packaging & Handling industry. Moreover, PalletBiz is planning to establish a Depot & Repair Center, which will later evolve into a regional HUB, to optimize logistics for a curated product mix.

This expansion brings PalletBiz one step closer to its strategic goal of establishing an impressive SWE-wide presence and ensuring the cross-border flow of tertiary Packaging & Handling Materials. In such a way we also follow our sustainable strategic agenda by integrating circular economy principles into the core business planning and roll-out.

Exciting times lie ahead, and PalletBiz invites you to stay tuned for further updates on our dynamic news page. For the latest developments, be sure to follow our LinkedIn page.

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